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Welcome to Bullseye Party Rentals! We are "The Event Rental Professionals". 

Thank you for partying with us! We carry a wide variety of event rental products with enough inventory to handle your special occasion. From beautiful white or blue tents, outdoor movie screens with ground shaking surround sound, to high quality tables and chairs. Courteous, prompt, and professional service define Bullseye Party Rentals.

Pop in your favorite movie, video game, concert, or even a slideshow, and have a Outdoor Theater experience right in your own backyard with freshly popped popcorn! You will be viewing a 9 ft. screen that is unquestionably captivating with image and sound quality. A DVD player, laptop, pc, ipod, game console; almost anything can be hooked right up to the projector.

We can be reached 7 days a week by email or phone 518-793-2702. We book events year-round and it is best to hold that special day of yours in advance. You can be guaranteed top notch service right from the beginning.

Owner Eric Seelye also represents Keller Williams Realty based in Saratoga Springs. Powerful marketing strategies will get your home sold quickly. Buyers and sellers are represented with the highest level of patience, diligence, and integrity.